NMMBC - Our Church History
Rev. Ed Williams
1942 - 1955
Rev. A.B. Thompson
1956 - 1958
Rev. G.W. Persons
1958 - 1987
A True Visionary - A Master Planner
(from Hailey Street to Victory Sunday)
1988 - 2005
Rev. Danny Ray Hector, Jr.
December, 2005
The Legacy Lives On
Dr. Danny Ray Hector, Sr. – Pastor, 1988 to 2005.  Dr. Hector was called to Shepherd New Macedonia Missionary
Baptist Church in 1988, after serving many years as a faithful servant in the ministry which included being Pastor
over churches located in rural areas of Texas such as Riverside and Goodrich.  Being a great man of vision, under
his leadership, the church was able to purchase property, and in the spring of 1997, God allowed New Macedonia
Missionary Baptist Church to march into it’s brand new building located at 2107 Gregg Street.  With the aid of the
Holy Ghost guiding our pastor, and members, the building was paid off on Victory Sunday, July 6, 2003.

Until his health worsened, Dr. Hector served as 2nd Vice President of the Puritan District Association of Texas
Congress, President of the Progressive Baptist State Convention of Texas, and a Teacher during his affiliation with
the Northeast Harris County Minister’s Alliance.

Dr. Hector accomplished tremendous achievements for New Macedonia, many while being ill.  This indeed shows
the true character of a man who can stand firm in the midst of adversity.  He never complained about his “bad”
days, he just continued to give thanks and praise to God.  He was truly, a great leader.
The late Rev. Ed Williams in Harris County originally organized the New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in
January of 1942.  The area in which the church was organized was known as Sawdust Alley, which is currently an
apartment complex now known as The Sumpter Plaza Apts.  The initial meeting for the church was held at the home of
Bro. Dial Gilmore.  Rev. Williams called the meeting to order.  The meeting opened with a hymn, scripture reading,
and prayer.  There were ten people present at this meeting.  The Agenda included selecting officers and choosing a
church name.  Every one agreed to name their new organism,
New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church.  Rev.
was chosen as the first Pastor.  During that meeting, their first member was received, which was Bro. C.B.
, whom later became a deacon.

The church services were held at 2107 Lee Street for three months until property was purchased at 2106 Hailey.  
Initially, it was a tent-like structure with a sawdust floor.  In 1947, a small wood-framed building was erected.  Then, in
June of 1955, the building at 2106 Hailey Street was built.    In December of 1955,
Rev. Ed Williams went on to be
with the Lord.  In 1956, the church called
Rev. A.B. Thompson to pastor them.  He remained a faithful leader until
his passing two years later. In November of 1958, the church called
Rev. George Willie Persons to lead the flock.  
Under his leadership, several auxiliaries were created.  In 1972, additional land was purchased to further enhance the
Rev Persons was Pastor until his passing on December 15, 1987.

Dr. D.R. Hector, Sr. was chosen to be the shepherd over the New Macedonia Flock on May of 1988.  Under Pastor
Hector’s leadership and guidance by the Holy Spirit, several auxiliaries were organized along with a Scholarship Fund.   
Pastor Hector’s leadership, the church was enhanced both spiritually and financially.  Not only was the church
able to purchase additional property but in the spring of 1997,
God allowed the members of  New Macedonia
Missionary Baptist Church
to march into a brand new edifice located at it’s present address of 2107 Gregg Street.
As time passed, many enhancements were made to the new facility and property, and with the aid of the Holy Ghost,
as the
Lord guided Dr. Hector, Sr. and his members; the building was paid off on Victory Sunday, July 6th, 2003.  
Dr. Hector, Sr.’s tenure as Pastor of
New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church proved to be a blessing from
God.  Under his intelligent leadership, several milestones were reached which benefited us tremendously.  Church By-
laws were officially chartered with the State of Texas and several deacons were ordained. Five brothers confessed to
the ministry, some of which were ordained by
Pastor Hector, Sr.; they are: Rev. Sam Dominique, Jr., Rev. David
Gray, Rev. Danny R. Hector, Jr., Rev. Charleston Williams, and Rev. Adrian Wynn.

Dr. Hector, Sr.
was proud that several sons of the ministry have been called to higher heights and are now pastor’s
of their own churches.  They are: our current
Pastor Danny R. Hector, Jr., Pastor Darren Payne, Pastor B.K.
Williams, and Pastor Charleston Williams.

Dr. D.R. Hector, Sr.
continued to successfully enhance the growth of this church until he was called from “labor to
reward” on November 4, 2005.  
Dr. D.R. Hector, Sr.’s legacy is still with us to this day.  Rev. D.R. Hector, Jr. was
promoted from Youth Pastor to the Assistant Pastor in 1999.  
Rev. D.R. Hector, Jr. was rewarded for his loyal and
faithful service to his father and this church by being voted unanimously as the next Pastor of New Macedonia
Missionary Baptist Church on December 18, 2005.  The legacy does live on as
Rev. Hector was officially installed as
Pastor on April 2, 2006.  
Pastor Hector, Jr., has proven his exceptional skills as a leader through the implementation
and administration of strategic ministry.  Over the past year, not only has the spiritual and numerical health of the
church increased, but the finances are enhanced, as well. Adamant about living the life he preaches and teaches about,
Pastor Hector has ensured the churches finances and administrative records are corporately structured to meet state
and federal requirements.  His vision also included implementing Project Trinity in July 2006, II Chronicles 2:4-5.
Involving three Phases consisting of: (1)the Renovation of our current edifice and (2)the Removal of the old
edifice/fellowship center by clearing 2106 Hailey, in preparation for (3)the Reconstruction of a modern facility. The
purpose of the new facility is to accommodate the church’s needs for extra classrooms, banquet facility, and a
fellowship center.   With the aid of the Holy Spirit,
Pastor Hector, Jr. spear-headed the completion of Phase I of
Project Trinity, which included internal and external renovations and improvements of the church.  Under
spiritual guidance our church continues to advance to higher heights.  The teaching phases of our church are
continually enhanced spiritually, financially, and numerically, as our Church School and Mission Meetings are an exciting
way for our church family to increase their biblical knowledge and spiritual growth. Under
Pastor Hector, Jr.’s
leadership, our mission at
New Macedonia is to provide as a team the appropriate spiritual level of care that will
nurture spiritual growth and development within the entire church family.
Throughout his years of service to the church, the city and the community;
Pastor Hector, Jr., has solidified his
reputation as an anointed teacher, an exceptional administrator and a gifted motivational speaker.